More Than Just Ticket Software

Unbeatable's ticketing solution has everything you need to turn support tickets into an amazing customer experience. Delight your online customers with fast, friendly and personal support.

Create Tickets within Chat

Unbeatable allows you to, seamlessly, create tickets directly from your Live Chats. Once a chat has taken place, operatives can create and assign the tickets within seconds.

Internal & External Tickets in One Place

Unbeatable organises your incoming emails (tickets) into one convenient dashboard. Assign an email to yourself or delegate to a team member, consequently there will be no questions about ownership.

Additionally, tickets can be created automatically from your customers emails to your support email address i.e. support@mycompany, or, alternatively, by staff creating tickets using the "create ticket" tab in the dashboard.

Easily Deal with Tickets

The ticketing dashboard allows you to assign, collaborate and reply to the ticket with minimal fuss. You can assign priority levels to tickets, ensuring the most important problems are dealt with first.

The dashboard allows you to quickly see who is currently working on a ticket, this helps to make team members more responsible for their outstanding tickets.

Team members are able to communicate behind-the-scenes, directly within the customer's assigned ticket. Here, team members can exchange knowledge and comprehensively resolve any issues before a complete reply is sent.

Have a complete view of every customer

Unbeatable logs every ticket so you can always view the full ticket history for any customer.

Work together to help your customers better

Unbeatable allows multiple team members to answer customer's query quickly just as you would in a bricks and mortar business.

Get Insights Into your team performance

See your team's daily, weekly, and monthly volume of tickets created and resolved.

Every ticket is an opportunity to improve an aspect of your business. Answering your customers queries not only improves customer satisfaction, but also improves sales conversion.
Callum McKeefery, Managing Director at

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